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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins That Your Website Should Have

If you’re running a WordPress website, then you probably already know about WordPress plugins. They are software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website to add new features to your site easily.

While many plugins are used to help customize and stylize WordPress sites and make them look and feel unique, the ideal plugins for WordPress do far more than just aid in beautifying your website.

WordPress plugins can increase conversions, enhance customer experience, and assist you in generating more income from your site without having to change the actual content of your site or do a complete redesign of the layout of your site.

While it should be noted that even the best monetization plugins don’t literally print cash, rather, they often contribute less apparent, more abstract results. Such as improved individual user experience and increased website traffic growth, which over time leads to more conversions on your site, meaning you can make more money from your blog.

The following TEN best WordPress plugins are absolute must-haves if you aim to earn money online through a blog site. I have personally used (and in many cases still use) all of these plugins so that I can attest to their performance.

I would never ever recommend a plugin or software that was scammy or that I thought could collapse your site. That being claimed, it’s smart to backup your site on a regular basis, as well as before making any kind of significant changes, so before installing any new plugins, I would recommend creating a backup of your WordPress site.

Best Plugins To Make Money With Your Website

Google AdSense Plugin

Whether or not advertisements are appropriate for your website, to begin with, depends on the type of content on your site. As Google Adsense places general ads on websites, they have somewhat strict rules about what type of websites they want to be associated with. If your site is ad-friendly, then AdSense is one of the best ways to start to monetize your blog.

Once you are approved for Google Adsense, and you install the plugin, Google immediately determines possible placements for AdSense ads, recommends a preliminary advertisement layout, as well as allows you to layout advertisements on your site in specific areas if you’d like.

The most up to date variation consist of the following functions:

For beginner bloggers with low website traffic, AdSense likely won’t provide you with very big payouts. As an average, if your goal were to make $100 per day from your site, you would need to be getting approximately 150 thousand website visitors each month; that’s about 5 thousand people every single day.

To build a website up to getting that level of traffic consistently can take years of work, learn more about building a profitable blog by checking out this guide.


If you’re not making use of Shareaholic on your site, you are seriously missing out. The plugin is mainly created to be a social sharing tool, but it is a lot more than that.

It is a lucrative maker if you’re using it. Some of the many advantages include:

a) You can switch on floating social sharing.

Expanding your blog site’s reach, partially, is about making it easy to share. Don’t go all overkill and also put sharing buttons all over the site, but make sure to have some at the top or side and bottom of each post.

Suppose you do not have people visiting it, then you won’t be able to monetize your blog because there is no one to monetize it. Making it easy for people to share your article can make a big difference in whether or not your blog is successful.

b) The Plugin Shows Advertises ‘Similar Posts’

This is likely much more essential than you’re giving it credit score for.


Bounce rate.

Your bounce rate is the rate at which visitors to your site leave it after a very short period of time.

The longer you can keep people on your website, the more Google likes you, and the better your site will rank. Having people on your site for a long time also increases the chance of them either seeing more ads or perhaps buying an affiliate product (or a product of your own design).

If you can get your ordinary page-views/visits to increase from 1.17 to 1.59, you can anticipate seeing a similar favorable increase in your revenue from the blog.

c) Other Monetization Options
  • In the associated web content at the bottom, you can also put advertisements there instead of links to other pages on your website.
  • You can make it possible for advertisements on all your social sharing pages. If someone picks to share a blog post, it will show a targeted banner advertisement similar to the material they’re currently checking out.

WooCommerce Plugin

What is WooCommerce, you ask? It is a powerful WordPress plugin that instantly turns your blog into an online store.

From totally useful item description web pages to a buying cart to checkout as well as refund pages, you really can market physical (or digital!) products on the internet with basically 0 coding knowledge as with the WooCommerce plugin, nearly everything is done for you.

If you have an original idea, service, or item that you would like to sell online, you’re losing out by not having WooCommerce set up. Consider this: with millions of installs, WooCommerce now powers over 30% of ALL seller sites on the planet.

Because it functions, it’s relied on. It is likewise created by the same individuals that made WordPress, so it’s always compatible with every new WordPress update, the two work hand in hand.

And also, while the WooCommerce system itself is open source and totally free to install, there are a number of paid upgrades available that are well worth the money if you should choose to add any of them.

Among my preferred add-ons is the WooCommerce Membership Plugin. The subscription package permits you to make specific content exclusive to your members and afterward sell it on a recurring basis to your participants.

If you wish to have a subscription product on your site with a renewing income stream, this is the simplest way to do it. It’s around $200/year, but more than pays for itself if you’re generating enough income from it.

Best Plugins For a Fast Website

When terms like” compression”, “minifying”, and “render-blocking JavaScript”, are all utilized in the very same sentence, most people’s eyes just glaze over. We all know internet site speed is extremely essential to having a successful website, but getting into the weeds about why a site is slow or how to speed it up can be a nightmare.

Online search engines have long placed a focus on individual user experience, and website speed is a massive factor in whether or not a user has a good or bad experience. Chances are Google (or any other search engine, be it Bing, Yandex, or DuckDuckGo, etc.) is penalizing you for having a slow website and ranking you lower than you would be ranked if your site was faster.

Additionally, installing many plugins on your WordPress site can adversely influence your website speed (plugins are source intensive and simply add to the variety of elements your individual has to download when they access your web page). While plugins add to your internet site’s functionality, having a lot of them can be a significant burden on your load times.

You can look into just how your website scores using Google PageSpeed Insights. Google additionally recommends what you can do to accelerate your web page so you can get started on dealing with things today.

The awesome plugins below will certainly help get your site moving faster by compressing pictures, caching info for future use, and organizing source intensive pictures on offsite web servers.


JetPack is like 16 plugins in 1; however, one of the most intriguing features related to web site rate is called Photon. This plugin uses a CDN (content delivery network) hosted by itself to present your images.

This speeds up your site by not burdening your web servers to provide large picture data to the user. Instead, they serve a saved picture of the cloud that helps reduce your web page significantly.

Again, SEO rankings depend greatly on page load times, so anything that can plausibly lower them gets a thumbs up in my publication.

Plus, the plugin is made by Automattic (the parent business of WordPress), so you can pretty much always trust it to be functional/not break your site each time a brand-new upgrade appears. Other amazing functions include downtime monitoring (obtain an e-mail if your website drops), everyday backups, raised social exposure, and website security.

WP Smush

JetPack serves a cloud-based photo from a CDN, but you can accelerate the process even more by compressing unnecessarily huge pictures that take a long period of time to tons. WP Smush will crunch those file sizes down and offer a much cleaner, a lighter variation of media you posted in your admin panel.

Better yet, WP Smush has a mass cleansing tool that permits you to clean uploads of images at once. So if you’ve had your WordPress website up for a very long time with countless images scattered about, do not fret; just allow WP Smush to run in the background for a few hours and see just how much data space it cleans up!

WP Super Cache

Think of WP Super Cache of doing the same point Smush provides for photos except for the web pages (HTML) themselves. The plugin allows you to offer fixed HTML to the substantial majority of your users.

What benefit does that have? Attempt reduced transmission capacity usage, server load, and viewed lag issues.

Do not recognize much of that? You don’t really need to, simply understand it’s a good thing. Besides, that is the whole purpose of many of these plugins– to add functionality to our websites with code snippets that we would or else know nothing about.

Best SEO Plugin

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It’s the practice of increasing website traffic by creating content designed to be easily picked up by search engines by including keywords and following content structure standards.

The sad reality is the finest content in the world is still going to fall on deaf ears if you do not have your content set up in such a way that the people who would be interested in it are able to find it. The plug-in that will help you design your content in a way where it is easily found by people looking for it is RankMath.


You need to think about RankMath as an intermediary between you and Google, and on that note, you need to think about Google as the top reward. Allow that to sink in for a minute: Google is the leading prize.

Almost every activity you ever take ought to be with the search engine in mind. Because it is Google Search Results where most traffic to your website will come from.

Possibly among the best plugins on this listing, RankMath is basically a structure of points to bear in mind when selecting a blog site topic and writing the current article. By carrying out great keyword usage/research (highly browsed, long-tail key phrases with the least competition) as well as including all the active ingredients of good metadata, you prime your site for Google to take notice of it.

Unfortunately, none of this will help if Google doesn’t like your site to begin with (reduced domain authority, high spam rating, bad back-links).

That said, if you’re constantly dealing with the parenthesized items and also your ratings start to enhance, you allow Google to locate your web content simpler by having exceptional metadata– Google can discover what each web page is about and then share it with the right people when they search for something similar.

You start seeing targeted search website traffic. You begin seeing traffic with purchase intent; buyers locating your site since they were actively searching for your product/information.

Be clever, aid Google in knowing just how to index your web page. Pinterest or Facebook might be your biggest referrers currently, but Google (or search engines in general) is the supreme prize to aim for.

Best Plugins To Build An Audience

If you’re not frequently making every effort to increase your social reach and grow your e-mail list you are going to have an extremely difficult time building up your blog.

Social Warfare (or Shareaholic)

As I discussed earlier, Shareaholic is a great social sharing tool and among the most effective, totally free plugins for WordPress. Nonetheless, we’ve moved far from Shareaholic’s totally free plan to the Pro variation of Social Warfare (there’s a free variation too).

Social Warfare merely one-ups the various other social sharing plugins out there. A lot more functions, even more adaptability, even more methods to share your content. If a person can not share your post within one second of looking for share switches, they’re simply going to give up.

Attention spans are getting smaller and smaller, so if your social sharing isn’t well placed or instantly available, viewers are simply going to carry on.

Don’t make that blunder.

A single share might expand your reach by hundreds of viewers (the average Facebook individual has 500 close friends, which presumes you obtain 0 further natural reach). Furthermore, social sharing raises the probability that you get backlinks to your website. Backlinks = much more authority (we’ll chat more regarding the quality of backlinks later on – not all backlinks are created equal after all).

Functions of Social Warfare include:

  • Easy share button for each popular social media site.
  • Display total and specific share data.
  • Show floating share switches.
    Ability to add “click to tweet” boxes within your material.
  • Present prominent articles widget organized by share counts.
  • Post Pinterest-specific images and summaries to your messages (terrific for boosting Pinterest traffic).
  • Tracks social shares to UTM monitoring code (see exactly how much web traffic this plugin is sending).
  • Completely responsive on mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry about social sharing buttons getting in the way of your content.


When you initially begin a blog site, you quickly realize there are a million different blogging strategies that “specialists” suggest you take. You need to be on a billion different social networks, find out Facebook advertisements, create a few hundred life-changing articles that blow people’s minds.

With numerous diversions and directions you could take, you need to be really deliberate concerning where you focus your time. The two locations with the largest payout: SEO (search engine optimization – which is what RankMath is for) and your e-mail list.

It can’t be stressed enough that if you are running a blog, you need to be building an e-mail list. Of all the big-name bloggers we know, including ourselves, not focusing on their e-mail checklist early on is the primary error most of them say they made.

If somebody provides you their e-mail they’re signaling to you that they are interested in what you have to say or what you’re supplying. Those same people are way more likely to be interested in similar content in the future.

E-mail lists are excellent for building an engaged and also dedicated audience. They can also enhance your web traffic, allow you to get to know your target demographic, and have a significant effect on your profits.

MailerLite has a cost-free variation that will enable you to begin building your e-mail checklist right away. It enables you to create personalized fields/forms for data access, create separate e-mail checklists for sure target markets, as well as offer you analytics on exactly how well your e-mails are carrying out.

Learn more about MailerLite here.

Final Thoughts on These Great WordPress Plugins

The best WordPress plugins aren’t directly noticeable so it may be tough to wrap your mind around why some of these plugins are necessary. Each one serves its very own function in making your website the best it can be.

From enhancing your user experience (speed, style, and so on) to getting your name out there and also making money (SEO, social sharing, ads, etc.), each item is critical to your success as a blog owner.

My advice: take the time to create a strong foundation for your blog site, making use of several of the very best plugins noted right here, most of which are cost-free. You’ll see progress a whole lot faster, and you’ll be much more inspired to stick with this whole blog writing thing for the future.

Building a successful blog takes time, take a look at this guide for a further breakdown on how to build a profitable blog.

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