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Top 5 Best Alternatives To Amazon Affiliate Marketing

I think it’s time to begin talking about alternatives to monetizing an internet site with Amazon. For obvious reasons (they slashed commissions massively). has taken their Amazon affiliate commissions and minimized them dramatically across the board.

Some areas aren’t touched, but others were decimated.

  • Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products and Pantry will go from 8% to 3%.
  • Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business & Industrial supplies will go from 6% to 3%.
  • Health & Personal Care will be slashed from 5% to 1%.
  • Outdoors, Tools will be cut from 5.5% to 3%.
  • Sports and Baby Products categories will go from 4.5% to 3%.

A whole lot of individuals are reporting it looks like they might be losing 30-50% of profits every single month, and it actually hurts because there’s plenty of people right now that are suffering as a result of the lock-downs.

They’re taking care of issues connected to our present economic scenario. Perhaps their partner lost their job. They were counting on their side hustle Amazon site to make up the difference. Now it just won’t since it’s been virtually tanked.

It’s terrible. If you really think of it, Amazon did a wonderful job doing what they did. They’ve done an amazing job growing large. However, at the end of the day, plenty of individuals who produce internet sites actually helped Amazon’s growth dramatically because we’ve been linking over to them since the associate program was so great.

Pros of the Amazon Associates Program


Individuals trust Amazon to deliver no issue whatsoever. The one-click purchase functionality is a conversion price multiplier.

Payment on the whole basket

As an associate, you make money on whatever your site visitor purchases. Not simply the product link they came through on, but everything! They may have clicked on your evaluation web link for some youngsters’ slippers, then after that saw a computer system or a drone display that they liked and purchased that as well! What would have been just a few bucks in commission winds up being $50?

Boosted Earnings over the Festive Period

Amazon does huge numbers from Black Friday right through to the 23rd of December. In this period, Amazon associates can make as much as 70% of their yearly profits in just one month. You’ll receive a spike in commissions for special sales days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more.


The Amazon associates platform has plenty of tools for you to utilize to increase website traffic, conversions, and profits. It makes it extremely simple for their affiliates to get the most out of their platform.


Amazon is an extremely popular and relied on brand with outstanding return policies and customer support, resulting in greater conversion rates.

Pros of Switching To An Amazon Affiliate Alternative

Not Having All Your Eggs In One Basket.

We know how quickly Amazon can cut commissions or even ban affiliates, so having them as your only (or primary) income source is not stable. It is always a good idea to have back-ups in place.

Cookie Duration

When it comes to their cookie period, Amazon aren’t that generous. Your link to Amazon lasts 24 hrs. You have a day for that individual to buy something in order to get your commission from the purchase.

Various other associate systems and programs offer up to 90 days cookie duration, which gives you a better chance of gaining a lot more from the links you send out.

Higher Commission Rates

Together with the longer cookie period and also higher commission prices offered by other affiliate programs, you could, in fact, be on to a good income earner far from Amazon or not so dependent on Amazon.

The Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives

Now that you know just how limiting Amazon is and the benefits of going with Amazon affiliate alternatives, what options should you consider?

I’ve looked into and also use lots of associate programs and platforms to pinpoint the best ones. All of the associate alternatives listed below have plenty to offer.


Shareasale is becoming pretty popular, and for a good reason. Unlike Clickbank or CJ, this flexible affiliate platform permits affiliates to offer physical and electronic products, making it my preferred affiliate platform.

With ShareASale, finding associate vendors is refreshingly easy to do. Just look for your specific niche or a particular niche search phrase, and the system will display a checklist of sellers offering items related to your niche. Like other associate systems, you’ll need to apply to be an affiliate for each affiliate seller independently; however, at least you know which vendors to target immediately.

If you’re in the gardening or residence improvement niches, you’ll find various high-paying sellers like Wayfair, Houzz, Tmart, and several others providing commissions up to 10 percent.

Compensation Rates:

Because there are dozens of various affiliate sellers and programs within ShareASale’s network, you’ll run across different payment rates from one vendor to the next. Some programs are on par with Amazon, offering compensations as low as two percent while others are much higher.

Cookie Duration:

If you’re new to affiliate advertising, cookies enable you to get credit for a sale one, two, or even 90 days after somebody clicks your associate web link. The cookie duration is simply the amount of time between the moment a person clicks your link, and they make a conversion on the merchant’s website.

Depending upon the vendor, a conversion can be either a lead or a sale, but you’ll earn a commission no matter what. So, if a merchant supplies a 30-day cookie period, you’ll receive a commission for any kind of sale or lead made within 30 days from the minute a user clicks your affiliate link.

At 12 months or 365 days, ShareASale supplies one of the lengthiest cookie durations in business, which is simply one more reason why it’s my preferred affiliate network around today.

Payment Details:

ShareASale pays out utilizing a check or direct deposit. You can ask for payment using one of these techniques whenever your account gets to $50. Payments are paid out on the 20th of each month. There’s a one-month lag, so if you make $5,000 in affiliate commissions from September 20th-October 19th, your $5,000 repayment will be made on November 20th.


  • – Stable network with an exceptional track record
  • – Very high compensation rates for most categories
  • – Extra-long cookie period
  • – Wide variety of particular niches as well as associate sellers


  • – May stake some time to get used to the network
  • – Must apply for each merchant separately

Top Niches:

  • – Gardening
  • – Outdoors
  • – Home Improvement
  • – Clothing and also apparel


The second choice to Amazon associates is one that most of you probably will know; Walmart. The Walmart Affiliate program has never been a main focus of the Walmart conglomerate but thanks to how well-known the Walmart brand is its affiliate program is a safe play for you by default.

Walmart offers to deliver just like Amazon but also has the option of ordering an item to the store and picking it up there.

Compensation Rates:

Walmart has a massive selection of products, whatever your niche is it’s likely that Walmart has products for your customers. Commission rates are 1% – 4% on everything except ‘Business & Personal checks’ which is 18% and ‘Contact lenses’ which is 10%.

Cookie Duration:

The Cookie Duration for Walmart’s affiliate program is three days, which is three times as long as Amazon’s 24-hour cookie. So as long as your Walmart shopper doesn’t clear the cookies when they close their browser you could make a commission on something they purchase from Walmart online three days after first clicking on your affiliate link.

Payment Details:

As with most affiliate programs you can get paid via check or direct deposit. Unfortunately there is a long delay between when someone purchases something from Walmart via your affiliate link and when you actually get paid for it. This total amount of time is two months, one full month for the sale to be confirmed and then one full month for the payment to be processed.


  • – Easy to sign up
  • – A commission rate of 1% to 4%
  • – Free banner ads are provided
  • – Free newsletters and complete info of the product


  • – Works only inside the US
  • – You must target US audience to generate leads
  • – 3-Day Cookie

Top Niches:

  • – Gardening
  • – Outdoors
  • – Contact Lenses
  • – Clothing and apparel


Previously known as Linkshare, Rakuten is a popular associate system with a bug budget plan and even bigger merchants. They organize Walmart’s affiliate program, so you know the opportunities are there.

Certainly, there are a lot of other vendors you can deal with via Rakuten also. As an example, by signing up with Rakuten, you can also access affiliate programs for Best Buy, Dyson, Office Depot, and many other large brands.

Payment Rates:

Compared to various other associate networks, the payment prices for Rakuten vary depending on which brand and items you promote. You can play the numbers game and direct website traffic to Best Buy for measly 1 percent commissions, or you can zero in on a brand like Dyson as well as make higher compensations of as much as 5 percent or even more.

Cookie Duration:

Rakuten uses both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies last until a site visitor ends their surfing session. Like their name suggests, consistent cookies, on the other hand, are a lot more persistent as well as are good for approximately two years.

Payment Methods:

While other associate networks finish providing payments once per month, Rakuten pays its associates weekly. This is substantial, and also it can take a couple of months before receiving your initial payment. You can decide to receive it via PayPal or straight deposit when it does come.


  • Variety of big brands to collaborate with
  • User-friendly control board
  • Comprehensive assistance devices
  • Rotating banners
  • Quick payments


  • Best for large associates

Best Niches

  • Electronics
  • Clothing, footwear, and accessories
  • Home as well as outdoor
  • Sports and also health and fitness
  • Beauty and personal treatment

Bed Bath and Beyond

Speaking of going direct, Bed Bath and Beyond are supplies among the best transforming affiliate programs around. At the same time, most kitchen area and bath affiliate programs focus on residence enhancement things like cabinets, home appliances, and hardware; Bed Bath and Beyond markets the things you take into these spaces.

That’s right; you can make regular affiliate payments for marketing things like bed linen collections, cookware, recipes, carpets, utensils, curtains, and also much more. They likewise offer home design and also some furniture things.

Most importantly, they’re an incredibly identifiable brand name with stores throughout the US.

Commission Rates:

Bed Bath and Beyond supplies commission approximately 7 percent on every purchase. With the above par overall average sale numbers, each purchase can make you a tidy sum.

Cookie Duration:

Like numerous affiliate programs, Bed Bath and Beyond’s cookies benefit 30 days. This implies that if someone clicks on your associate and leaves without making a sale, purchases an item from the Bed Bath and Beyond website three weeks later on, you’ll still obtain credit for the sale.

Settlement Methods:

Bed Bath and Beyond pays out monthly and doesn’t have a minimal monthly threshold to receive payment. Whenever you make a sale, you’re spent complying with month through check or straight deposit.


  • Big, relied on brand name
  • Loyal follower base with millions of clients
  • Good however not excellent compensation structure
  • Supplies you with banners, graphics, as well as extra


  • Commissions aren’t the highest possible
  • Signup can be a little complicated

Ideal Niches:

  • Bedding
  • Bath
  • Home design


Petco is a big retail pet-related chain with a 50-year background and over 1,500 stores across the US. They lug a selection of animal materials and products and have a faithful following of pet-obsessed purchasers, leading to boosted conversions and larger commissions.

Compensation Rates:

Petco payments range from 5-8 percent. You can make 8 percent payments on whatever besides bedding, litter, food, and flea and tick therapy. These classifications have a 5 percent compensation price.

Cookie Duration:

Petco uses a 7-day cookie period. It’s not the longest, but it’s absolutely better than Amazon’s limited 24-hour technique to cookies.

Payment Methods:

Like Bed Bath and Beyond, Petco pays out monthly and does not have a minimum monthly threshold to get paid. Whenever you make a sale, you’re spending it the following month using a check or direct deposit.


  • Pet specific niche is huge
  • Capitalize on determined customers
  • High ticket products and payments
  • Excellent support and monitoring team


  • Some items don’t receive higher payments
  • Cookie duration could be much longer

Finest Niches:

  • Pets

Final Thoughts on Amazon Affiliate Alternatives

From an affiliate point of view, Amazon is losing its appeal. As you can see, there are some excellent Amazon alternatives out there for affiliates to choose from.

As Amazon continues to take over the eCommerce space, it’s coming to be less and much less affiliate-friendly, specifically when it concerns commissions. It’s best not to place all of your eggs in the Amazon basket, and these first-class associate networks and programs will allow you to do specifically that.

If you’re worried about Amazon’s constant adjustments, there’s no time at all like the here and now to spread your affiliate wings. You would certainly be shocked at how many different opportunities are around for today’s forward-thinking associates.

Having a reliable affiliate program is part of creating a full-time income blogging in 2021.

Morgan Hewitt

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